Houston Business Litigation Attorneys

Where Protecting Your Business Interests Is The Bottom Line

As a business owner or partner, you can little afford the distraction and potential for legal and financial liability that arises from any dispute. Effective counsel in this area of the law must have the creativity to craft outside-the-box strategies for minimizing conflict while at the same time be ready and able to draw on litigation experience when a courtroom or arbitration panel is the only venue to vindicate your rights.

Meet attorneys Joseph Schreiber and Erik Knockaert . For more than a decade each, they have developed a reputation not only for aggressive advocacy for business clients in courtrooms, negotiation sessions and arbitration proceedings, but also for dynamic and efficient strategies to resolve high-stakes legal disputes. Having worked for some of the region's larger litigation-focused and intellectual property firms, they established their own practice in order to provide small- and medium-size businesses in Greater Houston with the legal guidance they need to emerge from any dispute in a position of strength.

Where No Dispute Is Too Complex

The firm understands that business disputes can originate from a mutual misunderstanding over the terms of a contract, a fundamental disagreement over the direction of an enterprise, changing times and economic realities, or even allegations of breach of legal duty, fraud, or other wrongdoing by one party against another. Whether a dispute is the product of prolonged disagreement or a sudden revelation, the firm comes prepared to every case with one unequivocal goal: to help clients emerge in the best possible position, legally and financially.

Common legal claims the firm regularly litigates include:

  • Breach of contract
  • Partnership disputes
  • Shareholder litigation
  • Interference with contractual obligations
  • Business fraud
  • Violation of noncompete or nondisclosure agreements

To learn how business litigation attorneys Joseph Schreiber and Erik Knockaert can craft a plan to help you or your business approach litigation effectively, schedule a confidential consultation now. Send an email or call the firm's Houston offices at 281-949-8904.