Bad Faith Insurance Claims and Litigation

When a business buys commercial insurance, it expects that its legitimate claims will be paid promptly and fully. A business buys insurance because it wants peace of mind when disaster strikes in the form of floods, fires, theft, or personal injury to employees, contractors or customers. Unfortunately, some insurance companies don't live up to their end of the bargain. They may slow pay, partially pay, or deny the claim altogether.

We have seen how far some insurance companies will go to avoid paying legitimate claims. When you have paid policy premiums for years, or just for the term of the policy, the insurer should pay its part, too; be it claims for lost inventory, damage to property, or fees for attorneys to defend you.

This is particularly important now that natural disasters in the form of repeated, widespread flooding has hit our home city of Houston and other areas in Texas. Businesses may have lost inventory, had structural damage, or had business interrupted by the flooding. If those risks are insured, and the claim is denied, delayed, or shorted, the business may have a claim for bad faith against the insurance company.

If your business has made a claim for insurance coverage due to flood, fire, theft, or personal injury, and your business has been delayed, denied, or shorted, contact us. We are happy to look over the policy and discuss the situation with you. We can make a demand to the insurance company or file and litigate against the company for bad faith. Texas law provides numerous remedies and protections for businesses who buy insurance and are wrongfully denied coverage.