Houston Bankruptcy Litigation Attorneys

A Singular Mission To Protect Your Financial Bottom Line

Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC, represents parties in adversary proceedings that erupt inside business bankruptcies throughout Greater Houston and Texas. Backed by more than a decade each of litigation-focused experience, attorneys Joe Schreiber and Erik Knockaert help clients maintain a competitive edge in this complex area of the law.

In Business Bankruptcies, Turn To Experience

The firm has successfully represented both debtors and creditors in business bankruptcy lawsuits. We don't specialize in putting businesses or individuals into bankruptcy. We represent businesses and individuals in the adversary proceedings that erupt inside bankruptcy proceedings.

Among the cases in which our experienced lawyer represents clients include:

  • Claims involving stalking-horse bids for business asset sales
  • Claims involving alleged fraudulent transfers of assets between related companies prior to bankruptcy
  • Creditor preference claims

Because all bankruptcy-related claims are litigated specifically in bankruptcy courts, it is essential to have counsel well-versed in the procedural workings of federal bankruptcy court. Having represented both sides in bankruptcy adversary proceedings, our attorneys come to each case prepared to dissect the details and formulate a litigation strategy to advance a client's interests.

Discuss the nature of your legal needs in a confidential consultation with attorneys Joe Schreiber and Erik Knockaert of Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC. To schedule yours, call 281-949-8904 or send an email.