Employment Law

If You're Negotiating Employment Agreements, You Should Have a Litigator Representing You.

Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC assists employees and small businesses with employment law issues. As litigators who handle employment-related lawsuits, we have a first-hand knowledge of what the law allows, and what courts will or won't enforce. This knowledge can be used to get employment agreements right on the front end, saving money and time on the back end.

On a regular basis, we represent individuals and small businesses in the following employment-related contracts/agreements:

  • Non-competition agreements
  • Consulting agreements
  • Severance agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Partnership agreements, and business purchases (partial interest or whole businesses)

Non-competition agreements

Non-competition agreements (also called "non-competes") operate to restrain employees from leaving a company and competing directly or indirectly with their former employer. In Texas, non-competition agreements are subject to anti-trust protection and are enforced only up to the point where they are a reasonable restraint of trade and work to protect legitimate business interests - they aren't allowed to be a naked restraint of trade. We can analyze the employment relationship (including proprietary information or trade secrets at issue) and either negotiate a non-compete agreement at the start of a business relationship, or reform or enforce (depending on the situation) a non-compete agreement when an employee is preparing to leave.

Business agreements

Whether the business agreement at issue is a consulting agreement, a master service agreement, an independent contractor agreement, or partnership agreement, we have negotiated them on behalf of individuals and small businesses, and have litigated them on behalf of the same groups of parties. Having a litigation background allows us to spot the issues that typically cause problems down the line, and know how a court is likely to handle the issue. We spend time and effort on what matters to our clients, not on small or trivial issues. We don't use the same old forms over and over again, just because they are the same ones we've always used.

We dig into an issue with our clients, quickly learn the business to the extent that we need it for the negotiation, and then put that knowledge to use in negotiating the contracts that are at issue.

We have represented individuals and businesses in industries as diverse as trade secrets in the cable television industry, master service agreements for an auto detailing enterprise, and partnership agreements for a doctor as part of a large practice group.

We believe that Law Done Right ® is law that is done quickly with an understanding of each client's unique issues, and is put into action for that client's benefit.

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