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  • Employee Injury - Arbitration / Nonsubscriber to Workers’ Comp
    Confidential Settlement
    Leroy Sam v. Richway Transportation
    Houston, Texas
    Our firm, working with The Briscoe Group, PLLC, represented a truck driver who was injured when a substandard winch bar slipped from the winch, causing him to fall and rupture his quadriceps, which later led to back surgery. The trucking company denied liability. We proceeded with a personal injury arbitration against the employer who had an ERISA benefit plan, in lieu of workers’ compensation.
    Case settled just before the arbitration trial for double the final pre-suit demand.
  • Commercial Truck Wreck
    Confidential Settlement
    Jose Najar & Jose Villegas v. United Parcel Service (UPS)
    Houston, Texas
    Our firm, working with The Briscoe Group, PLLC, represented two flooring workers who were at a stoplight and were hit from behind by a UPS truck, driven by an allegedly sleep-deprived and distracted UPS driver.
    The case settled for a confidential sum after the UPS corporate representative admitted that the driver was reckless and UPS was reckless for putting him behind the wheel after prior wrecks and in his distracted state.
  • Assault of Store Customer
    Robert Edness v. Office Depot, Inc.
    Houston, Texas
    Represented elderly customer who was assaulted by the manager of an Office Depot store, in the store. Mr. Edness was transported to the hospital in an ambulance, and he had spine, eye, and head injuries. The claim has been concluded.
  • 18-Wheeler Truck Wreck
    Lettenmaier v. Soto, et al.
    Houston, Texas
    Represented driver who was hit by 18-wheeler who fled scene after hitting client and two other vehicles, leaving client with extensive injuries. Defendant truck driver denied it was his rig, and his insurance company went bankrupt during lawsuit. Fought successfully to hold driver responsible and to recover from state guaranty fund for more than mid-litigation demand.
    Confidential settlement obtained on eve of trial for more than any prior demand.
  • Business Litigation - Defense
    Complete Defense Judgment on $6.9 million personal guaranty of promissory note
    RES-TX ONE, LLC v. Jones, et al
    Houston, Texas
    Represented two property developers in suit on personal guaranty resulting from failure of developer’s bank in real-estate collapse of the Great Recession. Secured nonsuit of one client and summary judgment for other client developer eliminating $6.9 million personal guaranties of both clients.
    Combined legal fees and costs for both clients totaled $12,630.
  • Business Litigation – Plaintiff
    Confidential Settlement
    Water Lens, LLC v. Emergent Technologies, Inc.
    Austin, Texas
    Represented Plaintiff in lawsuit alleging breach of contract and fraud against joint venture partner in technology start-up with issues surrounding research and development agreement and manufacturing of frac-fluid testing technology.
  • Employee Injury – Arbitration / Nonsubscriber to Workers’ Comp.
    Confidential Arbitration Trial Verdict
    John Scott v. R&L Carriers
    Houston, Texas
    Our firm represented a truck driver who was injured when he fell from the back of a defective trailer when the door jammed repeatedly, resulting in a severely broken elbow.
  • Executive Severance Negotiation
    Houston, Texas
    Represented executive in negotiating separation agreement involving severance payments, non-compete provisions, and use of executive’s copyrighted intellectual property.
  • Business Litigation - Defendant
    B Choice v. EDA, et al
    Houston, Texas
    Represented thirteen defendants - three individuals and 10 related companies - in two-week trial in federal court with allegations of breach of contract, fraud and RICO case regarding the proposed re-development of the Astro World property in Houston.
    Secured complete dismissal of a individual client facing full liability, while other defendants had verdict rendered against them
  • Workplace Injury
    Confidential Settlement
    Houston, Texas
    Represented worker who was hit and run over by truck in commercial nursery parking area by vendor. Client spent a week in the hospital and had extensive surgery. Negotiated policy-limits settlement with driver prior to filing suit.
  • Car Wreck – Rollover
    Confidential Settlement
    Houston, Texas
    Represented driver who had his SUV rear-ended and rolled-over twice, necessitating surgery and loss of extensive work. Negotiated policy-limits settlement prior to filing suit.
  • Bar Assault
    Confidential Settlement
    Houston, Texas
    Represented patron of an upscale restaurant and bar who was assaulted and slashed by female patron whom our client asked the bar to stop serving after she grew belligerent. Settlement for assault and disfigurement.
    Case settled for confidential sum prior to suit being filed.
  • Bar Knife Assault
    Sanchez v. Razzmatazz Clubhouse
    Laredo, Texas
    Our firm, working with co-counsel, represented multiple plaintiffs who were assaulted by cartel members at bar in downtown Laredo. All patrons except cartel members were frisked for weapons. Bar owner/manager increased danger of assault after it began and failed to call police, resulting in serious stabbing injuries.
    Judgment rendered in favor of our clients.
  • Partner Non-Compete Agreement and Severance
    Houston, Texas
    Represented doctor who was partner in medical group in dispute regarding overbroad non-competition agreement, and negotiated severance agreement with practice group.
    Schreiber | Knockaert was able to dramatically reduce restrictions in non-compete and negotiate favorable settlement for doctor.
  • Wage and Hour / Overtime
    San Antonio, Texas
    Represented multiple employees of oilfield services company who were not paid overtime on long and dangerous jobs.
    Successfully sued company and obtained confidential settlement for overtime owed and attorneys’ fees.
  • Employee Sexual Harassment
    Confidential Settlement
    Houston, Texas
    Represented male administrative employee of school district who was sexually harassed by a female superior and constructively discharged (fired) from employment. Case settled after depositions of plaintiff and supervisor, for five times the amount of pre-suit offer from defendant.
  • Car Wreck – Injured Pregnant Victim
    Confidential Settlement
    Houston, Texas
    Client was 8 ½ months pregnant when she was rear-ended.
    Negotiated confidential settlement prior to filing suit.
  • Defamation & Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
    Jones v. Deep South Crane & Rigging
    Houston, Texas
    Represented employee in male-on-male sexually based defamation by supervisor, and intentional infliction of emotional distress for bullying by supervisor as way to control workers on heavy-industrial worksite.
    Confidential settlement reached just prior to jury questioning.
  • Fuel Contract & Personal Guaranty
    King Fuels v. Randhawa
    Houston, Texas
    Won summary judgment on breach of personal guaranty and summary judgment on fraud allegations in this lawsuit over money allegedly owed under a fuel contact over a number of years, delivered to a gas station.
    Summary judgment disposed of all claims against client.
  • Retaliation / Wrongful Termination
    Confidential settlement
    Philippe Heusdain v. Spartan Flow Control Services, LLC
    San Antonio, Texas
    Representing former Spartan Flow Control employee who was fired for participating in wage/hour overtime lawsuit against Spartan, when his wife was 8 ½ months pregnant, taking his job, his health insurance and truck on two hours’ notice.
    Confidential settlement reached
  • Saved Commercial Property from Foreclosure
    Houston, Texas
    Represented a company managing valuable commercial property, subject to a court battle between trust beneficiaries. Handled litigation issues and brought parties to the table to secure a commercial mortgage avoiding foreclosure and loss of the company's main asset, for the benefit of all parties, even with litigation still pending.
  • Malicious Prosecution and Assault
    Velasquez v. Chap Club, LLC d/b/a Legs Cabaret, et al.
    Houston, Texas
    Representing patron of bar who was shot at by armed security guard, who then - with bouncer - lied to police and had client arrested. Suit for malicious prosecution and assault.
    $225,000 settlement reached, $107,000 to client after all fees and expenses paid.
  • ERISA – Wrongful Termination
    Confidential Settlement
    Galicia v. Wal-Mart
    Sealy, Texas
    Representing employee with Hepatitis C, who was fired under pretext after utilizing insurance benefits for expensive, prescribed and approved Hep C medicine. Company cut off health benefits and initially contested unemployment, leading to break in treatment with potentially life-saving cure.
    Confidential settlement reached
  • West & Automodeals, LLC v. Gardner, AutomoDeals, Inc.
    San Antonio, Texas
    Represented the owner of an auto-buying concierge service in a trademark litigation when his intellectual property was stolen by a registered sex offender who set up a competing business with a deceptively similar name, and tried to steal the trademark and shut down our client’s website.
    Forced the competing firm to switch names, and saved client’s website from malicious attack by defendant.
  • Commercial Real Estate Litigation
    Young v Young
    Houston, Texas
    Intervened in a lawsuit between company members and brought a second suit on behalf of the company, which owned a large mobile home property, relating to how funds were used by certain trust-beneficiaries.
    Suit abated by agreement pending a forensic accounting.
  • Business Partner Dispute
    Georgewill v. Finapiri
    Houston, Texas
    We took over this case from another attorney as it became more complex and motions to dismiss were pending. We wrote amended pleadings tracking Texas case law, and briefed the issues to the court proving our client's rights, which helped the parties reach a settlement.
  • Employee Injury / Personal Injury Arbitration
    Diana Bauler v. Educare Comm. Living Corp.
    Dallas, TX
    Represented employee of adult daycare who was injured by client, due to failure of employer to have proper equipment to handle patients
    Confidential Resolution

Representative Pending Cases

  • Wrongful Death - Multiple
    Kristensen, et al. v. United States of America, Department of the Army
    Austin, Texas
    Representing members of three families and the estates of their murdered loved ones. Soldier went on a shooting rampage, killing his wife, the neighbors who were sheltering her, and those who came to their aid, after the Army failed to follow its own regulations and procedures for assisting victims of domestic violence.
  • Assault / Government Liability / FTCA
    Sutherland Springs, Texas
    Represent client making claim and lawsuit against the United States Air Force for her horrific injuries in the mass shooting at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, by former airman, not entered into the NICS database as unable to lawfully purchase a gun.
  • Employee Injury / Nonsubscriber to Workers’ Comp
    Taylor Henne v. Ranch Hill Salooon
    Montgomery County, Texas
    Represent former employee of bar who was injured at work. Bar claimed Plaintiff was a contractor, when he is a statutory employee, denied medical care or compensation for injury. Plaintiff was fired after the extent of his injury was discovered.
  • Employee Injury / Nonsubscriber to Workers’ Comp
    Edward Trout v. Yalcin Demirbas
    Dickinson, Texas
    Represent former maintenance worker at apartment complex who was seriously injured at work when a faulty ladder, provided by employer, collapsed as he was trying to raise large sign. Employee was denied medical care by his employer, compensation, and was fired due to being injured.
    Case pending in Galveston County District Court.
  • Medical Malpractice / House Fire
    Vance & Mason v. A*Med Home Health, et al.
    Galveston, Texas
    Representing disabled veteran, housemate and homeowners in dispute against hospital, hospice company and two doctors who prescribed home oxygen and heavy narcotic medicines, but did not provide nicotine replacement or properly train home caregiver. This led to an oxygen-fed house fire which resulted in burn injury to vet and caregiver who saved babies from the fire, and total destruction of home and contents.
  • Wrongful Termination / Civil Rights
    Thome v. YMCA of Greater Houston
    Houston, Texas
    Representing former aquatics manager in pregnancy (sex) discrimination lawsuit, terminated after becoming a single mother, on a pretext, when 8 ½ months pregnant, had accrued vacation and sick leave taken away, along with health care for herself and new baby.
  • Wrongful Termination / Civil Rights
    Singleton v. YMCA of Greater Houston
    Houston, Texas
    Representing former healthy living manager in race and age discrimination, wrongful termination lawsuit.
  • Employee Injury / Personal Injury Arbitration
    Sheryl Gibson v. Trans Texas Transport, Inc.
    Houston, Texas
    Representing truck driver injured when dock-plate collapsed under load, causing her to fall from dock with load on top of her.
  • Injury to Child
    Mason Hurt v. Cy-Fair ISD
    Cypress, Texas
    Representing infant who was injured at daycare when he fell and suffered head injury, and was negligently put in swing, then bouncy chair, where his concussion progressed to vomiting and seizures
  • Age Discrimination
    Dr. John McNeely v. UT Health
    Houston, Texas
    Representing anesthesiologist terminated by UT Health to lower costs by hiring a replacement under the age of 40.
  • Business Litigation - Defendant / Counter-Plaintiff
    Sykes v. Colassal EMS, LLC
    Houston, Texas
    Representing ambulance company against former business partner who is attempting to take half the profits after abandoning the company over four years prior to suit. Suit pending.

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