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Construction sites are dangerous places. Companies are under various local, state and federal laws and regulations for worker safety. A workers’ rights to sue for compensation after he is injured is in large part dictated by his employer’s status, either as a contractor or employee of the premises owner, and whether his employer has workers’ compensation (or workers’ comp is force placed on his employer through contract). There are various statutes of repose - time limits on lawsuits put in place by the Texas Legislature, which have little to nothing to do with protecting workers - including limitations on how long after a building is built that a defect in design or building can be sued over, or if manufacturing equipment breaks.

We have decades of experience litigating construction injury cases, which can be premises liability cases, non-subscriber to workers’ compensation suits against employers, or products liability cases against the manufacturers of dangerous equipment and tools.

We represent workers in all construction trades, in all settings: from industrial construction to residential construction. We handle injures and wrongful death cases.

Who is ultimately responsible for the worker's injury can be a complex question, with issues of subcontracts, indemnity clauses and overlapping insurance policies. We handle complex litigation (both personal injury and business litigation) and aren't afraid of complexity. We are adept at finding the responsible party, and applying all the pressure that the law can bring to bear.

We are able to get our clients to good doctors, who will testify on the workers’ behalf, and are able to wade through the various issues involving who is responsible, what insurance may be available, and how to handle situations where there are two or more parties at fault.

Getting to us soon after injury is crucial so evidence can be preserved, workers can get treatment for injuries, and the proper research can be done to hold the liable parties accountable.

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