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Schreiber | Knockaert, PLLC represents employees injured at work. We aren't limited to one type of worker, one type of trade, or type of injury. If you have suffered a serious injury at work, or your loved one has been killed at a worksite, we will stand by you and fight on your behalf.

Employers in Texas do not have to carry workers' compensation insurance. Many employers self-insure and have a quasi-comp system where they send workers to the same doctors, pay the same type of benefits (for a short time), and use the same forms. Most workers have no idea if their employer has workers' compensation. If you're injured at work, we can find out quickly if your employer has workers' comp. If they do, we can refer the comp case to an experienced workers' comp attorney. There is very likely going to be an additional case – against a product manufacturer, premises owner, or other third party. We do handle the third-party claims. If the employer doesn't have comp (and self-insures), we have years of experience in what's called Non-Subscriber cases, in court and more importantly in arbitration.

Arbitration is a different beast than court. We have a decade of experience in arbitrations, including employee injury arbitrations, and work with our clients to get the best results, the fastest, in personal injury arbitrations.

We also represent employees in off-shore and Jones Act cases, in federal courts, in a system which is very similar to the workplace arbitration context.

Hard-Hitting Lawyers: We provide ethical and hard-hitting representation in workplace injury lawsuits. We are experienced in investigating cases and making and following through with settlement demands on employers and their insurance carriers. If they won't settle, we're more than happy to bring the case to trial in court or arbitration.

We are experts in finding and exploiting pressure points in litigation. We will find where the most pressure can be applied in the case – whether it's a factual or legal issue – and apply that pressure. Many cases turn on such pressure points. We prepare our witnesses thoroughly and take just as much interest in finding the other side's key witness and digging in until we find the truth. We tell the story of what happened, and how our client's injury has affected their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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